Below is a quick introduction to how Best Mates came to be.  Now I look forward to getting to know you, and your best mate, a little better!

Kathy Keddle

About me

It’s July 2019 and I’ve just embarked upon this new journey that is Best Mates Pet Photography Taranaki.  How did I get here you may be asking.  Here’s a little of my background.

Firstly I’m passionate about pets.  I’ve had many different pets in my life over the years, dogs, cats, mice, rabbit, goldfish and a couple of lambs when I was growing up.  In raising my own family there has been dogs, cats, miniature ponies, horses, a red deer fawn, lambs, fish, goats and a rabbit.

Secondly, I’m just as passionate about photography.  From a young child I’ve had a camera, I remember badgering the parents regularly for another film please.  Camera Clubs have played a large role in my life over the years.  As a teen I studied photo-journalism but have since concentrated my efforts on nature photography.  Recent years have seen a few competition wins.  Most recently I completed a short course to further hone my technique.  Mostly though, It’s just practice, practice, practice. 

Asides from pets, I love to garden and spend time in nature.  Of course the camera comes too, macro photography of flowers is another favourite, as are landscapes.